The Insights Advantage

Each day, in compliance with strict privacy standards, UberMedia Insights collects billions of data points from hundreds of millions of mobile devices. UberMedia applies cutting-edge data science, robust statistical analysis and machine learning to mine this data for the highest-quality location and behavioral signals. These signals can be leveraged across a variety of products to bring key business insights to light.

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Mobile is in our DNA

UberMedia was founded in 2010 as an app publisher and currently has first-party relationships with a huge suite of apps covering social media, utility, weather and entertainment categories. These relationships range from direct integrations to data exchanges to advertising relationships. With in-depth mobile device ecosystem knowledge as both an app publisher and an advertising platform, UberMedia is uniquely poised to help your business unlock the value of mobile data.

Data You Can Trust

FAA data collected in early 2014 shows the horizontal accuracy of GPS SPS is often within ~1 m and averages better than 3.5 meter horizontal accuracy.
Our data cover two years, encompass 30 countries, 12BN data points and 400,000 contextual location mappings.
Our data science team takes big data from buzzword to business insights applicable to a wide variety of applications.

Relevant Across Many Verticals

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